Message from the President

Hindi is not only accepted as our Official Language but also as a National Language. It has worked as a powerful tool during our national movement. Our primary objective is that Hindi should be the language of free India in Education, Administration and should play a vital role in other quarters too. In this way, we equally share the responsibility of making Hindi as a language of overall development. This responsibility rests with Educational, Administrative and Scientific organizations. The key mantra of Indian culture is Diversity in Unity and to identify Unity in Diversity. Our literature and arts always strengthen this principle. This effort will get a speedy momentum with the universities and other organizations but as long as we do not strengthen this through literature and language, our objectives and aspirations will remain unfulfilled. Academies and literary associations focus their attention in this aspect.
Tamil Nadu Hindi Academy is also strengthening this ideology in its individual level and its efforts are in this direction. We strongly believe that we can get the required cooperation from everyone.

Jai Hind! Jai Hindi!